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Here’s something I learned from a 7th grader:

Directions:  Read everything before you do anything

Without any Doubt, having a strong password is all we need.

If you are new and dont know about URL Shortener Services, then let me tell you URL Shortener are Online Client that shortens the URL.

Many Bloggers daily contact me on Facebook to know the methods to get more Twitter Followers, Facebook Page Likes & Stumble Followers. Gaining good amount of followers for your blog is not an easy task. You have to build strategy and seriously follow it to get good amount of Followers and Fanpage Likes.

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As you know Firefox is one of the best browser in the World. And the best feature is adding the Addon which increase the user experience.  As a Blogger, you can install Screenshot Addon to take the Screenshot of the Web Pages.

In This Blog, I always come up with some cool sites to share with you. Many of you face problems while registering with Social Sites as you have to register with different usernames because your Username is already taken by other users.

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