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GNOME 3.26 removed the traditional system tray from the right corner of the top menu bar. There’s no way to re-enable it. It isn’t part of GNOME anymore. Instead, they’ve introduced a new system tray in the lower-left corner of the screen.

Microsoft Office has been ruling the roost since it first came onto the scene back in 1990. Say what you will about its price and its stubborn use of proprietary formats that have more or less monopolized the industry, but its 2016 iteration is pretty damn good, and people and businesses who fork out big cash on it generally don’t feel short-changed.

Microsoft Excel is a very popular software among professional and everyday users. What you may not know is that Excel can do a lot more than you think. You could be missing out on some great functions and not be aware of it. The following tips will help you get things done faster and impress others in the process.

When Virtual Reality launched in late 2016, we all knew it wasn’t going to immediately take the industry by storm. Oculus (or Facebook, if you like) and Valve/HTC released their respective headsets tentatively, trickling them out onto the market to gauge adoption, while Sony went full-hog with its PlayStation VR headset.

Apple’s new Face ID technology appears only in the flagship iPhone X. This replaces Touch ID on that device, instead unlocking the phone via facial recognition. This has sparked some concern with users who have grown used to the speed and reliability of Touch ID and seen similar face recognition technologies fail. While the technology underlying Face ID isn’t new or revolutionary, Apple claims it’s implemented better than ever before.

It’s a necessary evil, but we all know it’s a pain to type in a PIN or passcode, draw a pattern or use a thumbprint to unlock your phone each and every time. After all, if it’s lost or stolen, we don’t want our info falling into the wrong hands.

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