manage Google Voice and Audio activity

You can simply click here ( on your desktop or smartphone to go directly to your Voice and Audio Activity page, but you need to sign in the Gmail account. If you are My Activity page, you can open your Voice and Audio Activity page by just clicking on the three horizontal lines menu at the top left, and select Voice and Audio Activity.

You can delete your entire search history or individual searches.
Step 1: Click on the three dot menu at the top right.
Step 2: Select Delete options.
Step 3: Click on Advanced.
Step 4: Select All Time.
Step 5: Click on Delete.

To stop Google from saving future voice search
Step 1: Visit the Audio Controls page by clicking here (
Step 2: Slide the switch to the Off position.
In case if you want to know more, you can also click on Show More Controls for a variety of other settings.