Importance of your Blog’s Loading Speed Featured

Both the case and the point, in case you are managing your own blog or site that takes around 10-15 seconds time to load, probability is that you are going to lose all kinds of Web traffic towards your portal. The primary reason behind it is that Internet users are impatient and when your blog takes like ‘forever’ to upload, they are not going to wait but will go elsewhere.

In case your blog  is affiliate driven or completely relies on the revenue programs such as Google Adsense, chances are that you are going to suffer from these slow page loading problems. We all need to face it, a portal that is not generating traffic because of slow page loading time as well as bounce rates, is simply a waste of time. On the other hand, there are some vital points that you can consider to ensure that your page loads rapidly.

Vital Tips To Improvise Your Page Loading Span

-         Do Not Include Too Many WordPress Plugins

Whether you believe this fact or not, excess of even something superior is not good especially when it comes to your portal’s loading time. In consequence, if you keep having more and more WordPress plugins on your blog, it is going to affect your site’s health to a great extent.

-         Images – Use Photoshop Application to Optimize Graphics

You can easily decrease the loading time of your site and that too considerably by simply optimizing your site’s graphics. You need to keep this fact in mind that all such sites that load quickly makes Google exceedingly happy. To tell the truth, Google factors the page loading time of your site into their algorithm

-         Avoid Pulling Images and Graphics

It is important for you not to pull up graphics or images from numerous different affiliate portals as they are being utilized by many from a different server. Instead you should be saving all the images and put them at one place on your site, most significantly in the same images directory. The more you are going to pull up graphics from other Internet source, the more it will cause interruptions on your site.

-         Eliminate Pop-ups 

You should not make use of Pop-ups as mostly people find them irritating. As a matter of fact, most of the Internet users bounce when they come across pop-ups. Keep this fact in mind that these pop-ups are going to enhance your bounce rates to a great deal. Although it has been considered as an appropriate approach when it comes to link building but if you really are concerned about your blog’s loading time, it is important for you to avoid them.

Test Your Site’s Loading Time

So what you are required to do to make sure that your portal has the best page loading time which makes its visitors happy? You can browse through different sites that will show your site’s loading time. If it is within .0000001 seconds, it is the best, but if your site’s loading time falls under 4-5 seconds, it would be rated as an appropriate page loading time.