How Do I Recover Data after “The disk structure is corrupted and unreadable” Error Featured

Therefore, we can say that primary partition is one of the most crucial partitions as it contains files, which are responsible for proper functioning of OS of our computer.

However, there are times when primary partition of our computer becomes inaccessible and starts rendering errors when we try to access/open it. The reason for this unexpected behavior is bad or improper installation of OS or damage/corruption of some OS files. Though CHKDSK and other Microsoft Windows utilities try to rectify the issue however if they fail then formatting of primary partition remains the only way to workaround the situation. As we all know formatting deletes entire data from formatted partition therefore to recover our data in such case we can use the updated backup however, in the absence of backup use of third-party hard disk data recovery software is recommended.

Let us exemplify the above-mentioned thoughts. Suppose, you have divided the hard drive of your Windows XP based computer to two partitions, out of these two one is primary partition having drive letter ‘C’ where as other is secondary partition having drive letter ‘D’. Another day while you were working on your PC, it restarted automatically. After the restart when you tried to open primary partition (i.e. C) or tried to access some data from it, encountered the following error message:

“The disk structure is corrupted and unreadable”

This error message made entire data saved on your primary partition inaccessible. To rectify this issue let us see the causes behind it:


The most probable cause for encountering this error message is damaged or invalid records in various files of primary partition of your computer.


You can try CHKDSK utility of Windows XP to rectify the issue. However, if  CHKDSK fails then primary partition’s formatting remains the only way to get back the accessibility of your primary partition. However, you can use updated backup to recover the data of the formatted primary partition but if backup is unavailable then use of third-party disk recovery software is recommended.

The software efficiently recovers data that is lost due to formatting of the partition. Additionally the software supports recovery of data from other external storage devices such as external hard disk, USB drives, etc.