BigCommerce Review: Everything you want to know Featured

People just love to shop online since they don’t need to go outside to buy their favorite stuffs. Hence many companies are trying their luck in this business. However, starting successful online stores is a procedure that involves careful planning and several steps. Without the help of a perfect software system this cannot be done. The shopping cart by BigCommerce is now getting huge popularity as the easiest ecommerce software in the industry. With the help of BigCommerce your dream of having a convincing online store will be fulfilled easily.

They have several plans and designs for small to big online stores of the industry. BigCommerce offers 15-day trial for absolutely free. At BigCommerce the small business packages start at $24.95 per month.

While writing this BigCommerce review, one thing should be said that BigCommerce is unique and advance. You can find several such reviews where people are giving this software 4 1/2 out of 5. Hence it can be easily understood that the users are satisfied with this system.

Customization is very easy with this software. The developers and designers of the ecommerce software have total access to HTML, CSS (through FTP), QuickEdit, as well as to other tools. To customize the design of your own online store, you can simply choose amongst the fifty online store designs and layouts. The “Drag and Drop Design Mode” is also there for you to create a fabulous design for your online store.

Sometimes the owners of the online stores find it difficult to learn the use of shopping carts, but with BigCommerce this is an easier task to perform for the store owners. With the help of this ecommerce software anyone can easily sell their products on the web. You can take the help of “Getting Started Wizard” in order to start operating your online store. That is why you will always find that BigCommerce customer reviews have positive notes about this software.

The online shop owners can sell their products on eBay with just a few clicks through this software. There are few large enterprise ecommerce platforms offer this service now. Not only that, but BigCommerce can make a site mobile-optimized. Your users can search and access your online store through their advance mobile phone if you use BigCommerce software for the store. This is really a big matter for any online store owner. With the advent of iPad and android phones the tendency of accessing websites through mobile phone is increased a lot. So you cannot ignore such a great advantage of BigCommerce software when you are planning to have an optimized online store.

Above all Bigcommerce comes with a free trial so you can try it before you buy it.