5 Online Services Which Can Be Offered With Zero Investment In Order To Grow Your Small Business Featured

These businesses require no investment either for start up or for growth. The fact that you can offer a huge range of comprehensive website related services, without being a professional expert on the subject, is a huge added bonus.

All you have to do is convince clients to hire you and outsource the work to a reliable service provider. Below given are fifty online services that you can offer and experience the growth of your small business.

Writing service

You can offer a wide range of writing services such as niche content development, writing articles for magazines, newsletters, blogs and websites. In addition, you can also provide script writing, writing press releases, copywriting, and ghost writing services. More scope for writing is in the form of white paper writing services, translation services, proofreading and editing.

Support service

In order to cut costs and promote their businesses, a number of companies opt to outsource their technical and backend support requirements. You can expand your small business by grabbing such clients and outsourcing the work to relevant service providers. Services that you can offer are market research, virtual assistance, back office work, general assistance services, personal assistance, transcription services, backend support, customer support, IT support and email handling.

SEM services

One of the most lucrative services that you can provide in order to take your business forward is that which helps a website increase its visibility and rank. The options that you have in this field are SEO, SEM, SMO, lead generation, link building, online promotions, social media marketing, advertising sales, internet marketing, email marketing, managing public relations, direct marketing, branding and online sales. Find a company that excels in SEO and SEM services and outsource the work

Web and app development services

Developing a website is not as easy as customizing readymade templates. The website design has to be SEO friendly as well. The scripts used for developing a website influences search engine rankings and so, you can add this angle to your small business. App development is another good extension of web development. In other words, you can begin outsourcing web and app development to improve your business without investment. In addition to web and app development, you can offer services such as ecommerce, website designing, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Ajax, HTML and PHP.

Custom services

A very interesting and profitable field that you can include in your business is to provide custom one on one service. These include conducting online tuitions, training and coaching in different academic areas.